Self-employed mistakenly told their tax returns are late

Taxpayers who paid Revenue yesterday were left confused after being told they were late with their payments and would be surcharged, despite meeting the deadline for filing their returns.

Last night at midnight was the deadline for the self-employed and PAYE taxpayers with extra income to file tax returns and pay what they are due.

They were due to file their 2013 Form 11 returns and make payments through the Revenue Commissioner’s electronic filing service, ROS (Revenue Online Service), for preliminary tax for 2014. Self-assessed taxpayers were also due to pay the balance for income tax in 2013. Last year over a quarter of small taxpayers filed returns late.

But people who filed yesterday on the ROS system got an email from the tax authority telling them they were late filing their return and they would now be liable for surcharges.

Chartered Accountants Ireland sent out a notification warning tax specialists. “It seems some surcharge notifications are being sent to ROS inboxes. This is an intermittent problem, which is not being seen by all practitioners,” Chartered Accountants told its members.

A Revenue spokeswoman said its systems were sending out incorrect information. “Surcharge notifications in the ROS inbox in relation to 2013 income tax returns filed have been received by some practitioners/customers,” she said.

“The surcharge notifications are a display-only issue in the ROS inbox (Revenue record) caused by an intermittent problem. They can be disregarded.”

She said that Revenue would wanted to clarify that no late surcharge is being applied to 2013 income tax returns correctly filed yesterday.

“We apologise for any inconvenience experienced by practitioners/customers,” she added.

Failure to make a return on time risks incurring interest and penalties on the tax liability, as well as increasing the likelihood of being audited.

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