‘Tis the season to be wary – of cheap broadband & TV deals

You could pay almost four times the price for a TV and broadband deal once an offer runs out – so be careful before snapping up any discounts from the various telcos this Christmas.

Eir’s mobile 100, TV essential and broadband bundle for example costs new customers €25 a month for the first year – but €92 a month thereafter. As you’re locked into a two year contract with this bundle, you’ll be hit for the €92 monthly charge for a year – unless you break your contract early. Cancel your contract and you’ll be hit with a breakage fee though.

Sky is offering half-price Sky Sports and Sky Movies for six months – if you sign up by the end of this month. Under that offer, Sky Movies and Sky Sports costs an extra €23.25 per month (instead of €46.50) for six months when upgrading to that package from a basic Sky TV subscription. However, once those six months are up, you pay €46.50 a month for the package. The minimum contract is a year and you could be hit for penalties if you break your contract earlier than that.

Switching broadband and TV is the quickest way to save money, according to Eoin Clarke, managing director of switcher.ie.

However, one thing worth checking before you switch, according to Mr Clarke, is the broadband speed you will receive from your new provider – and whether or not that speed is sufficient for your internet usage.

You should also check the channels included in your new TV bundle.

“Does it include HD channels, on-demand TV, catch-up TV, free box sets, pause, rewind and record?” said Mr Clarke.

Check too if you’ll be hit with a penalty fee if you decide to cancel a contract because your internet speed turns out to be a lot less than you expect. “We measure customers’ broadband speeds before they purchase so any speed difference will be apparent to the customer before they commit to the sale,” said a spokesman for Sky. “In the unlikely event that speed is not as provided at the point of sale (that is, in exceptional circumstances), then we will of course allow customers to terminate their contract without penalty.”

Article Source: http://tinyurl.com/kbwqb42